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Design Architecture

I have been a photographer for many years. I have traveled the world and been a giver to humanity as a physician.

I am so excited to bring my personalized photographic images for your pleasure in designing your new environment.

The Floral Artwork is on canvas and signed by me.

We are so happy to present this amazing work to you. 

Your Home or Work Space

Please view the directory of images which are numbered and it is now very easy to select your artwork and order it.  The quality of each piece is amazing to the eye of the beholder, your family and friends.

The ability of such wonderful images highlighting the gift from God to the world is amazing.  Every flower is so different. 

Collectible Artwork

We have launched 100 images of floral artwork that is signed and collectible.  We will continue to bring the world’s most amazing flowers on canvas for your viewing excitement.

Please feel free to watch the video and to look over the images in our gallery.

Thank you

Happy Customers

Beautiful & Collectible

Collectible canvas print.

Signed by Artist

Jose Bolanos MD a life long lover of God’s amazing work.

Jose Bolanos MD / josebolanosmd photographer / josebolanosmdphotographer josebolanosmd floral-artwork  josebolanosmdfloral-artwork / Stanford Alumnus / mugs / canvas / collectible artwork

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